Why “grounded hope” is better than positive thinking.

Today 9/12/2015 on Wellness Talk Radio

Author Lee Daniel Kravitz talks about his book, Supersurvivors

What do you do when you’re 29 years old and you a given a cancer diagnosis?

Lee Daniel Kravitz became extremely curious about how people bounce back from trauma.

Ultimately he recovered from cancer, and he learned that resilience is more common than he realized.

He co wrote Supersurvivors with Professor and Researcher on ‘hope’, David B. Feldman.

One of the most interesting things that they discovered is that people that thrive don’t ‘buy into’ positive thinking.

They have something called, “grounded hope” – the ability to look at things with an open mind. They also have the confidence to try many things.

We also talk with ABC News Anchor Dan Harris about his book 10% Happier. I asked him if it’s difficult to learn meditation.

You can listen today (on the Radio or on You Tube) and find out why, surprisingly he says it’s not.

And we end with Dr. Steven Masley, Author and PBS Presenter on what really is the “heart of the matter” with heart disease.

Dr. Steven Masley shares this potentially lifesaving information with us.

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