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The Wellness Talk Radio Featured Interview Guests 2006 – 2017

Dr. Dean Ornish   The Spectrum

Robert Kiyosaki    Rich Brother Rich Sister

Tenzin Kacho Rich Brother Rich Sister

Jack Canfield The Success Principles

David Riklan Self

Michael Ozner M.D. Heart Attack Proof

Dr. Steven Masley 30 Day Heart Tune Up

Suzanne Somers Knockout

Suzanne Somers Bombshell

Suzanne Somers Breakthrough 8 Steps to Wellness

Suzanne Somers I’m Too Young for This

Shoshana Bennett Postpartum Depression

Susan Barton Dyslexia

Dr. Duke Johnson

Janie Bowthorpe Stop the Thyroid Madness

Len Saputo A Return to Healing

Mary Shoman Thyroid Solution

Steve Sisgold What’s Your Body Telling You

T. Colin Campbell The China Study

Roy Eskapa The Cure For Alcoholism

Sandy Powers Organic For Health

Gary Null Death by Medicine

Rip Essylstynn The Engine 2 Diet

Julia Shopick Honest Medicine

Dr. Michael Roizen You Having a Baby

Jim Abrahms The Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

Hale Dwoskin The Sedona Methos

Catherine Crawford The Highly Sensitive Child

Ron Davis The Gift of Dyslexia

Dr. Ned Hallowell ADHD

Jill Eikenberry Family Meals – Caregiving for Aging Parents

Michael Tucker Family Meals

Mark Divine Unbeatable Mind

Gary Reswig The Longest Mile – Dealing with early onset Alzheimer’s

Freeman Michaels Weight Release

Gerri And Brian Monghan Cancer Recovery

Jane Percy Fat is not a Four Letter Word

Jeffery Wands Knock and the Door with Open

Judith Warner We’ve Got Issues – Children’s Mental Health

Laura Day Practical Intuition

Lee Ann Owens St. Jude’s Hospital

Paul Huljich Of Love and Betrayal

Sammi Jo Wilkinson Low Dose Naltrexone

Seth David Chernoff A Manual for Living

Stephan Karrain Great American Products

Steve Millard The Millard Group

Dr. John McDougall The McDougall Diet

Dr. Doug Lisle The Pleasure Trap

Joan Esposito Dyslexia Learning Center

Rick Frishman Publishing

Peggy McColl Bestselling Author Coaching

Bill Damon The Path to Purpose

Judy OBeirn Book Marketing and PR

Temple Grandin Autism

Michael Senoff Business – Marketing – Audio Interviews

Eustacia Cutler Mother of Temple Grandin – On Raising a Child with Autism

Kate Adameck School Food

Susan Rubin 2 Angry Moms

Judy Converse Special Needs Kids Eat Right

Debbie Ford The Shadow

Arreille Ford The Soulmate Solution

Dr. Alan Greene Feeding Baby Green

Dr. Jay Gordon Pediatrician

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Leanne Wiffin A Child’s Journey Out of Autism

Diane MacEachern Big Green Purse

Dr. David Sinclair The Sinclair Method for Alcoholism

Dr. Mark Hyman The Ultra Mind Solution

Jeff Novick Nutritionist

Jason Wyrick The Vegan Taste

Marci Shimoff Happy for No Reason

Dr. David Swanson My Kid is Driving Me Crazy!

Tamara Lowe Get Motivated

Todd Kashdan Curious

Dr. Peter DaDamo Eat Right for Your Type

Gretchen Rubin The Happiness Project

Dr. Eric Shapira A New Wrinkle Caring or Aging Parents

Suzanne Evans Business Coaching

Sen. Omer Rains Back to the Summit

Dr. Alexander Mauskop What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Migraines

Dr. Mike Moreno The 17 Day Diet

Fred Mandell Becoming A Life Change Artist

Dr. Terry Gordon No Storm Lasts Forever

William Anderson The Anderson Method

Susi and Otto Collins Relationship Gold

Bill Gladstone The Golden Motorcycle Gang

Linda Hollander The Wealthy Bag Lady

Dr. Arthur Agatston The South Beach Diet Gluten Free Solution

David Haviland Weird Medicine

Barbara Stanny Overcoming Under earning

Dr. Ricki Robinson Autism Solutions

R. Douglass Fields The Other Brain

Dr. Butler The Longevity Prescription

Dr. Doris Rapp Is This Your Child?

Nell Newman Newman’s Organics

Dr. Michael Banov Taking Antidepressants

Julie Hammerstein Fat is NOT A Four Letter Word

Dr. Bev Potter The Worrywart’s Companion

Dr. Dietrih Klinghardt The Klinghardt Academy Detox

Claudia Christian Babylon Confidential

Burton Goldberg Holistic Medicine

Karen Schlitz Beyond the Label

Nina Shapiro Take A Deep Breath Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child

Elaine Moore Auto Immune Disease Education

Neil Patel SEO

Mark Murphy Leadership IQ

Karen McColl Financial Recovery Institute

Andrew Mellen

Barbara Kennedy Baby Boomer Men

Bev Bos

Bill Bartmann Bouncing Back

Ditta Oliker Hide and Seek

David Wood Get Paid for Who Your Are

Dr. Susan Roberts The i Diet

Helane Waldman Whole Foods Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors

Ron Vigor

Sean Meshorer Bliss

Spike Humer Entrepreneurial Business Growth Expert

Beth Greer Super -Natural Mom

Gail Sheehy Passages in Caregiving

Dan Harris ABC News On Meditation

Suzanne Somers  Tox – sick

Erica Sonnenburg Justin Sonnenburg The Good Gut

Dr. David Permutter Grain Brain

Shawn Coyne The Story Grid

David Flink Eye to Eye

Gail Sheehy Daring My Passages

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