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We’ve been Broadcasting on the Radio on the California Central Coast every week for over a Decade.

Mention in our ‘Books to Read’ segment
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Brian Costello Producer/ Engineer
Kristin Costello Producer/Host and everything else!

Wellness Talk Radio is an Independently Produced and distributed listener supported AM Talk Radio Program. We have been Broadcasting to a population of 250,000 people in the North Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo California Coastal area for over a decade.

Our work is possible through the generosity of people like you.

Wellness Talk Radio is Taped weekly in California and Broadcasts every Saturday at 2 PM PDT on the Radio on AM 1440 and Worldwide on the Internet.

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Over the years Kristin has Interviewed Bestselling Authors and Physicians on Health, Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Publishing, Raising children with Special Needs, Care giving, Longevity, Nutrition, Integrative Medicine and many other Topics.

You can listen to the Wellness Talk Radio Interviews with Host Kristin Costello every Saturday at 2 PM PDT on the Radio in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County on AM 1440 or streaming at AM 1440.com