Why writing is like math with Shawn Coyne.

This is one of my favorite Interviews.

It features Book Publisher, Editor and Author Shawn Coyne.

We spent most of the hour talking about what it was like being an Editor for the ‘Big 5 New York Publishing Houses.’

And why writing is like math. ( Wow, that came as a surprise to me math phobic that I am!)
And just delving deep into what it takes to be a good writer.

I originally ‘picked’ this book because it represented a giant personal challenge for me.

( A long story, that I might write later.)

Here are a few of the things that we talked about:

If you are ‘doing challenging work, eventually you are going to “hit a wall.” How to make the next leap and get past the challenges.

Why first and foremost writing is a business.

Why Shawn started Black Irish Books. ( Sorry, I call it Black Irish Press in the Interview, had that image of a bunch of hard working, gritty Irishmen working at the printing press, cranking out pages and pages of new books, in my head I guess.)

What are the common mistakes that beginning writers make? And why he says, “there’s a discipline to writing that’s not very romantic.”

He also talks about how to start writing your book and why it’s important not to take feedback personally.

I also asked him what would he most like people to know about the book publishing world.

Whether you are a beginning writer or a seasoned writer I hope that you gain some new insights about the publishing world from this candid Interview with Shawn Coyne.
And someday I look forward to sharing why I was drawn to The Story Grid in the first place. It’s an interesting story. Surprising even.

For now, here’s the Interview with Shawn. Catch it here or on the Radio Saturday 2 PM PDT on AM1440 or 106.3 FM

Get the book here

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